Articles by Carla Hayes

What Are You Waiting For? Close The Female...

How I believed in myself to make a massive change, and how you can, too

Top Takeaways from Smart Home Month for Agents

Top tips and takeaways for the best smart home tech for real estate and how agents can use it to help land a listing or market a property.

You Can Still Be an Early Adopter

Smart Home tech adoption may have grown by 33% in the last year, but since few agents are using it in marketing, those that do are still the early adopters. Here's how you can incorporate smart home...

Think You’re Not a Tech Company? You’re Wrong.

Why every company is a tech company and every industry – including real estate – needs a strong focus on technology to stay competitive and improve client experiences.

Turn Them Blue

Catch agents' attention with new content about Smart Home tech.

Smart Home Month is Here

January is Smart Home Month at Coldwell Banker. Find out how smart home tech can give your real estate business an edge.
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