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Smart Home tech adoption may have grown by 33% in the last year, but since few agents are using it in marketing, those that do are still the early adopters. Here’s how you can incorporate smart home tech into your business.



Smart Home technology adoption may have grown by 33% among consumers in the last year, but very few agents are using smart home technology confidently and competently as a business differentiator. Agents that do leverage smart home technology in their business are still the early adopters. That means that even now, three years after Coldwell Banker launched our initiative highlighting the intersection of smart home and real estate, agents using smart home technology to market themselves and their businesses are likely the only ones in their area doing it.

That’s exactly what a new research report, Smart Homes: An Emerging Real Estate Opportunity from industry research firm, T3 Sixty, finds. Their report, based on a survey of 3,000 agents and brokers across brokerages found some very interesting trends:

● 91% agreed that highlighting smart home features would be beneficial when marketing listings

● More than half said it would benefit their listings always or very often

● 82% agreed that Smart Home tech streamlines a home sale

● Nearly 40% agree that smart home tech helps a home sell faster – in cities or suburbs, and regardless of list price

Knowing where to start with smart home tech and how to incorporate it can feel a bit overwhelming and leads many agents to put it off. The report provides a good background to get you familiar with the technology, covering the most popular types of smart home devices and highlighting what it is about smart home tech that consumers value most. Then you’re ready to get started!

The report details five ways you can get in the smart home game:

● Start the Conversation – engage with clients and use social media to show off your smart home savvy

● Staging Smarter – adding some technology to a listing can be an easy and relatively low-cost way to help it stand out among similarly priced homes

● Smarter Marketing – be sure to educate consumers and fellow agents about the smart tech that is in a home and its benefits to clients

● Remarkable Closing Gifts – smart home doesn’t need to be a benefit only on the listing side, it makes a great closing gift for your tech forward buyers

● Staying in Touch – with constantly changing technology there is always something new to say to your sphere when it comes to smart home tech

For more details on smart home tech and how to use it in your business, check out the report.

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Carla is the Director of Marketing Communications at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. She is passionate about connecting people and ideas - making her role pretty much a dream job. A born and bred Jersey Girl, Carla attended Rutgers University - twice - where she competed on the varsity crew team as an undergrad. Carla loves spending time with her husband, kids and dog; and at a good yoga class.

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