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New national ad campaign features the new, bold look of the “CB North Star” and a timeless tune from Simon & Garfunkel


Spring is in the air. Spring means the beginning of home-buying / selling season. To me, Spring means it’s time for the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. For Coldwell Banker, Spring means launching a new ad campaign! Check out our latest and greatest national ad, “Guiding You Home.”

Check out the “Guiding You Home” Ad

Coldwell Banker has been guiding people home since 1906 and this year’s ad features the new, bold look of the “CB North Star” for the first time. The ad evokes a powerful, emotional message of home by showing people from all generations and walks of life finding joy as they return home.

You’ll instantly recognize the music. It’s set to the classic home song, “Homeward Bound” by Simon & Garfunkel. It’s no accident we chose this song, a recent survey dubbed this song the quintessential home song, twice as popular as the closest competitor. Fifty-two percent of respondents said “Homeward Bound” sparks feelings of home.

View the ad in :15, :30, :60 and extended cut versions. The :60 spot will be the main version of the campaign airing during a Final Four NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament game. The ads will also run on streaming services and Coldwell Banker’s social channels at the height of March basketball buzz.

The “Guiding You Home” ad ranks as the top real estate ad of 2020, outpacing the industry average with high marks for likeability, attention and music as measured by Ace Metrix. Ace Metrix also confirms that “Guiding You Home” is in the top 3.4% of all ads for heartfelt scores. It was conceived and created by Siltanen & Partners, the national advertising agency for Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Also check out this “making the video”-style breakdown of the spot with behind-the-scenes footage.

“Guiding You Home” Survey: Are Millennials Becoming Their Parents?

Our new ad inspired us to launch the first-ever “Coldwell Banker Guiding You Home Survey.” This independent omnibus survey conducted by Harris Poll in February set out to identify what guides people home in 2020. Top takeaways:

Are Millennials Becoming Their Parents?

Yes, when it comes to homeownership. Equally across the generations, almost all boomers (91% ages 56-74), Gen Xers (91% ages 40-55) and millennials (92% ages 24-39) say that owning their own home is important. When it comes to picking a neighborhood, the generations mostly agree:

  • Location, Location, Location: Eight in ten (80%) Americans agree that they value the location of their home over the size, with the majority of all generations in agreement: boomers (79%), Gen Xers (79%), millennials (81%)
  • Safety First: Boomers (98%), Gen Xers (98%) and millennials (93%) overwhelmingly agree on the importance of living in a safe neighborhood
  • Keep Your Friends Close, and Your Family Closer: Nearly three out of four boomers (72%), Gen Xers (73%) and millennials (73%) say it’s important to them to live close to their families
  • I Love the Nightlife, Sometimes: A slight majority (54%) of millennials say living close to bars, restaurants, and nightlife is important; those numbers drop slightly for Gen Xers (46%) and boomers (34%)
  • Americans want a Trusted Advisor (a real estate agent) to Guide Them Home: Millennials, Gen Xers and boomers who have worked with a real estate agent to buy or sell a home agree, the number one reason they decided to work with a real estate agent was to have a trusted advisor to help navigate the buying / selling process (58% of boomers, 45% of Gen X, 47% of millennials)
  • “Home Where My Music’s Playing, Home Where My Love Lies Waiting:” These lyrics are straight from “Homeward Bound,” and when it comes to what music evokes feelings of being at home, rock and country are the top picks, with 37% of Americans saying each of these genres makes them think of home. When it comes to rock, similar proportions of millennials (36%), Gen X (43%), and boomers (39%) say this type of music elicits feelings of home

Check out more survey findings comparing housing must-haves and myth-busting stats here and full data here.

We Are The Trusted Leader In Real Estate

While the real estate industry continues to change, people still want a real estate expert to help them navigate the process. A home is still the most emotionally significant purchase anyone can make, and the desire to own is still strong so home continues to be an important decision requiring expert guidance and understanding.

Coldwell Banker’s integrity, ingenuity and ethics have made the brand a trusted expert in real estate, and the company continues to lead the industry into the future. The combination of our 114-year heritage with forward-thinking innovation positions Coldwell Banker as an unmistakable industry leader.

We are the trusted leader in real estate who understands what home is really about. This new ad shows the fresh, new look of Coldwell Banker and our belief in the power of home that we have held true for our 114-year history.

Keep an eye out for the campaign to premiere next week during the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

To learn more about how you and your business can join Coldwell Banker on this journey, visit Coldwell

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